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Welcome to my blog!!!. AquaLED is a small initiative that me and my partner in life are raising. We are principally interested in rainfall-runoff modeling, and on the construction of innovative and environmental friendly infrastructure. Our dream: to establish a privately owned research group in South America.

I began writing this blog back in 2010. If you are interested in the story of this initiative, please visit the mother of my blogs.

Currently I manage (co-manage) four sections:

About the manager of this page.

I was born few decades ago in Bolivia. There, I majored at Civil Engineering, and graduated on the field of general water resources engineering. Later, I was lucky to get a scholarship of the Japanese Government which allowed me to pursue a Master of Engineering degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, at Tohoku University in Japan (always majoring at fields related to H2O engineering). I further pursued the doctoral course in the same institution, and obtained a PhD in the same field, doing research on rainfall-runoff modelling evaluation. My CV, joined to the one of my partner in life can be found here.

So, how do I use this blog? I realized that I was seeing, reading  and investigating so many things that when I wanted to go back to them, it was hard to get on the trail. I decided to establish some kind of data base where I could store what I know, and what I dream of towards future projects, not only to my reach but also to the reach of the people I sometimes chat with. The resultant is this blog and its derivations. In the near future I will construct a web page, in order to store everything in a more concise way. Hope you enjoy it!!!

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