Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Facebook likes reveal your secrets? "Liked" Lord of the Rings: High IQ, "Liked" Rocky: Non smoker

A study suggests that private traits and attributes are predictable from behavior deducted from your Facebook likes. Although the study has been carried in the US, it is fun to try it! Here is a short summary on some of the findings:
  • Liked Hello Kitty? Then you are high on Openness and low on “Conscientiousness”, “Agreeableness,” and “Emotional Stability.” More likely to have Democratic political views and to be of African-American origin, predominantly Christian.
  • Liked Bruce Lee? Then you are a heterosexual male.
  • Liked Jennifer Lopez? Then you have many friends.
  • Liked Science? Then you are dissatisfied with life.
  • Liked Harley Davidson? Then your IQ is likely to be low.
  • Liked Morgan Freeman´s voice? Then your IQ is likely to be high.
and much more that can be found in the entire table here.

Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior, by Kosinsky et al., 2013.

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